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The fastest 4G LTE network. The amazing technology that powers everything we do. The code that makes it all run smoothly. Mobile changes by the minute, and as the leaders in our industry, we need to set the pace. To keep our network running and our customers connected. What’s it about? It’s about being different. Being the best.


This stuff doesn’t just happen. It takes an army of project managers, web developers, and engineers, all working like a well-oiled machine. This is teamwork at its best with technical warriors bravely pushing the edges of the wireless frontier. If the cutting edge of technology sounds like the place for you, then you’re in the right place.

I’m working on projects to deliver new products and services which are literally revolutionizing the wireless industry!

Brian Senior Software Development Manager


Who doesn’t want to work at a place where you get to work on cool stuff every day?

Elizabeth Vice President Technology

I love the constant change and ability to be agile to adjust and prioritize and deliver.

Sasha Principal Analyst



Field technicians go through weeks of training before trekking out on their own. Engineers and other on-site tech folks go through on-the-job training, with access to other resources like eLearning and skills certification study groups to get and keep them on track. And anytime you want to ride down another trail, there are opportunities for that, too.

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